The start of Dream/Space project

The day started off where we had a slideshow presentation to ease us into the first project which made my brain buzz with ideas once it was finished. After we were put into groups of 4-5 people, I had 4 people in my group. We were given A1 sheets of paper to do a group mind map on as shown on the picture below:


Dream/Space mind map


Afterwards we struggled to think of ideas for the project, so one of the members of the group did some doodling. This is what they produced:



Drawing ideas


This sparked an idea in my head about how dreams can take you on journeys in your sleep that later made me think of travelling. When you go travelling you see different famous buildings which is how we got to our idea. First we drew out the buildings in a city skyline style and put capital city famous buildings from around the world.



City scape


I experimented with materials such as cardboard to do some model making. I divided the sheet into four pieces of 6cm long strips which I scored with a scalpel to fold together to make a rectangle. I used UHU All Purpose Glue and masking tape to connect it together to make it secure.

However this technique would take us a long time to produce all the buildings we required for our model so we had to rethink. After we got a little advice from the tutors.We photocopied the drawings onto tracing paper as shown below:



Drawing we photocopied


On the tracing paper buildings we used a cutting board and scalpel to cut out the occasional window to let light through them. Once we did this we added wire along the edges to support the paper when constructing it plus, it helped bend the design. We connected each pieces together with UHU All Purpose Glue as shown in the photo below:

We made a circle out of thick card that we measured to make sure it fit our tracing paper design which we used to glue to attach it. The photos below show the different angles of the model once secure.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once the model had dried we did a few experiments with light to see the window reflections on the surfaces around the piece. The first load of photos below are of the reflections of the windows into the centre of the model with the light source on the outside.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The second load of photos have the light source from the inside of the model shining out of the model. Also we used black paper  underneath the model this time to get a better quality reflection then on white paper like the previous photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Towards the end of the lesson we were asked to present our work to the rest of the group, where we got constructive criticism about our work. Some of the criticism suggested was to use our original doodle design in the model more and layer it into the model some how. After, that gave me time to reflect on our work we produced and have ideas to improve the piece.


I learned how to work in a group and create a model through trial and error and working as a team to produce something to show to the rest of the group.



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